What would you like to see on sale on the merchandise stall?


The key rings were available to buy online in the Fishheads shop Zaz, I think they now out of stock but a little bird tells me that they will be available to buy again soon :wink:


Are they the leather ones? I have one of those then :slight_smile: I thought I’d heard they were only available at the gig so supposed it was another model!


They are the metal ones Zaz, real good quality merch :smile:


Ah I never saw these on the website?!.
Looks good :slight_smile:
Are there gonna be new accessories for sale in the future?


Hope so, that’s why I started this thread, it’s always good to hear feedback on what people would like to see in the shop/merch stall :thumbsup:


I personally would love to see a pendant/necklace with the Fishheads musical fishy on - in silver - with a black cord (I’m not picky or anything you understand :wink: )


Definitely a Fishheads fleece jacket.


Yeah, a jacket!


Chocolate Frog Records
t-shirts in proper sizes :wink: :smiley:


And its another vote for a Fishheads fleece from me too :wink:


I suppose the fleeces should sell pretty well on the UK tour during December!


Script For A Jesters Tear t-shirt in grey.

Had an original tour t-shirt back in the 80’s but long since gone (not that it would fit me if i still had it).


Good call, with the original dates on :wink:
I wish I still had this t shirt, it buried me at the time but now I’ve matured with age (ok put a few lbs on) I’m sure it would’ve fitted fine now .


Actually I was able to acquire one some months ago, only its the one without the tour dates but its in great nick.


Mini cheddars


I’d LOVE to see shirts from his US tour (hint hint).


Well it’s probably not on the right topic but don’t know where to post this!

Earlier on I was watching a vid posted on FB from a friend of Fish with Blind to the beautiful as the soundtrack, which made me think, will there be any other video clips from FEAST?

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Tattoos would be fun.


And i know the boy to do them :-