What would you like to see on sale on the merchandise stall?


I like the non-black ones!


Shit - more bloody expence as I love them all :wink: especially the long sleeve versions . I think the charcoal is the nicest colour .


I like the long sleeve but think they would look better as a ‘baseball’ style shirt as has been suggested earlier in this thread.

Maybe white shirt, with blue or black arms
Grey shirt with black arms


love the second one!!!



Blue, Charcoal and Brown for me, Twice each :wink:


Sandy looks great in the shirt as posted on FB!


Can you put it on here Chris ?



I better not give up my day job, I’ll leave the modelling to Tara :wink: The shirt looks even better “in the flesh” so to speak, its printed up really well :thumbsup:


Smart that, I like it alot :slight_smile:
Has anything been finally decided on the long sleeved shirts yet, as regards design and colour ?


Fish is going with the blue long sleeve with the birds print, it’s going to look awesome when it’s printed up :smiley: :thumbsup:


And I hope well be the first to see on here, if not modelled by your goodself :wink:then by Tara . :grin::heart_eyes:


Printed the hoodies and tour t’s today, they’ve turned out great :thumbsup:


I’d love that job . . . . Well part time anyway, it would save me a fortune on merch !


Here’s the live version!


Looking good @sandy!


Hi Sandy ,any idea how much the hoodies will cost at the gigs? only want to know so i take enough money to durham cos im sure me missus n kids will all want one ,what sizes are they available in many thanks barry


the link doesn’t work :disappointed:



Hi Barry, I don’t know yet how much the hoodies will be, thats down to the boss and Elspeth !!
the sizes range from small to xxl :smile:
If I remember correctly Fish has said that as they would prove to be too bulky to take out on the road with them, space being limited, they would only be available by mail order from the Fishheads shop.
hope that helps, see you in Durham :smile:


A little video I made, gives you an idea of how the shirts are produced :smile:
you may have to sign up to Dropbox to view it !!
printing the Fish portrait t shirt


Lots of lovely shirts ready for dispatch :smile: