What would you like to see on sale on the merchandise stall?


Hoodies ordered :smiley:


Good man Rab, you won’t be disappointed :smiley::+1:


ordered four hoodies on friday after seeing then at durham ,they arrived on saturday ,theyre awesome many thanks Sandy great job


And thanks to Elspeth for being on the ball with the post :smiley::+1:
Glad you like the hoodies Barry :smiley::+1:


Id say probably next to Maiden, Fish’s merchandise has the best designs out there :smiley:


Hoodies arrived and Me and Michelle have to say they are Brill, really Cool looking :slight_smile: and a first class service again from Elspeth and Co in the Shop.


my Moveable tour T-shirt first edition arrived today…beautiful!!! :smiley:

a little consolation after a day with lots of stress after my last night adventures :wink:



Fish always brings us a much needed boost when it matters :grinning: not only thro’ music, but merchandise now :wink:


I’ll get the long sleeve blue T-shirt at the compiègne’s gig(and maybe another one more :blush: )…but any chances to have live cds from the 2013/2014 tour too ?
I hate going back home with my hands too empty :smile:



Hoodie ordered! :smiley:


I love the long sleeved t and I’ve had so many people ask and compliment about it . Its my favourite Fish t ever .


Package with hoodie and tour shirt arrived! Thanks Elspeth. Got to check the size at home!


The Hoodie is awesome! Hard, but I am going to lock it away till Christmas.


I agree! I got mine today. :smiley: The only little thing I would change is, that I’d put the picture on the back a pair of inches lower so the Fish-logo above the tree would be seeable also when the hood is down. Now the text is left behind the hood. But that’s not really a big thing!


On the Asia merch stand last night they were selling signed lyric prints . I thought how good would it be if Fish did something similar, maybe for the farewell tour ???


absolutely,great idea!!!



I ended up ordering a hoodie and the new photo t-shirt,as always a great service and quality merc:)


Nicel Those hoodies look good.

I for one second the idea of prints handwritten lyrics. I think that a lot of people would really like to have their favourite lyrics framed and adorning a room in their homes.


totally agreed with that :smiley: :thumbsup:



Definitely agree with that John as we all have Fish and Marillion items in our collections, would love a lot of these to coincide with the Vinyls I have, some of which would look brilliant Framed together.