What would you like to see on sale on the merchandise stall?


Hope they will bring the car stickers at the merch stall in Nice, keyrings etc.


a tour book…it’s been a long time since we haven’t this kind of thing during the gigs and I love it!!!



what about some posters?



Rabs got them all !!! :wink::wink::grin::grin::grin:


some new one then :wink:



I think he wallpapers with 'em! :wink:


The new hoody !!! (But thanks Rab) :wink:


After the gig last Thursday I ordered a Long Sleeve, Tour Shirt and Hooded Top online.

It was dispatched before I checked out of the Hotel the following morning and arrived on Saturday!!!


They couldn’t have been quicker if they’d got in a car and hand delivered it!!!

To get back on topic…I would love a DVD or Blu-Ray (I’m a snob!) of all the best moments of the Feast Tour…just as long as it’s got all five parts of the High Wood Suite.


Elspeth and co. do a remarkable job in the merch shop, thats a fact. :smiley:


On the ONE occasion they got my order wrong I was sent the CD of Kettle Of Fish instead of the DVD.

I sent an e-mail and within minutes I got a phone call saying, “Sorry about that, your DVD is in the post and keep the CD with our compliments.”

Elspeth, Gregor and everyone else are legends!


Just noticed in the shop that they are now stocking a rather snazzy Fishheads.com pen


I’d pay extra for crease-resistant t-shirts. Some of us don’t own irons. Well, I don’t anyway. :wink:


What’s the new merch as regards the upcoming MC gigs Sandy ?


very good question Andy :+1:



As far as I know Fish is selling off all the merch from the last couple of tours at the upcoming European gigs. There will be new designs for the tour in november /december plus there will be new designs for the planned reissues but as yet I haven’t seen anything :smile:


One product we manufacture a lot of are textile posters, we do shed loads for many bands and they look stunning, would anyone be interested in a Fish textile poster with, say, the new Misplaced Childhood artwork that Fish is using to promote the current tour?


You know me Sandy, I would be interested in a poster, what size are we talking ?


Poster size !! Not sure of the exact size Rab, I’ll check today and get back to you :smile:


Can you let us know Sandy please, I can always find space in my music room for some Wilkinson artwork :wink:


The size is 70cm x 105cm I’ll try and upload a pic of one we did recently when I get home to give you some idea of what they look like