Your Album Of The Week




Brilliant album. Is that the cover of your copy? Mine is different - a band shot with everyone sitting at a bar.


I’ve never heard this album before, must check it out.


That’s the version I’ve got Lawrie (the one I’ve shown), but I’ve also got the American version with extra tracks, which was renamed as ‘John Wayne’s Dream’.




Whats that one Anthony?


Fink - Hard Believer :wink:



I’m none the wiser :expressionless:
Would you recommend Anthony?


maybe too soft for you Andy but why not ?..kind of folk,pop music:the first album I bought from this artist (he’s swedish) on a recommandation of a friend (who he’s working in a record shop)



So many contenders this week but this is a massive return to form for the wonderful Jayhawks -


It’s been Waterboys stuff all week for me. This is possibly my favourite of theirs, alongside Fisherman’s Blues and A Pagan Place.


Has to be this, so relaxing and enjoyable in the glorious weather we have had all week.


When I listen to “Searchlight” it takes me back to student days. I remember seeing Runrig a few times in the Donnie Munro days. Never took to Bruce Guthro.




Same as last week. Love it.