Your Album Of The Week


Great cover!


This album would be right up your street Paul.


What you tryin’ to say?! Mental illness?!!


:laughing: Don`t let the title put you off.




+1 for Roger Waters. I haven’t posted an album of the week for quite some time but playing this a lot since Friday and really enjoying it.


Same as Andy and Steve!







What fantastic cover art!
I’ll have to give it a listen. Most amused that his website describes him as “Your very own prog Vampirate” :skull_crossbones:


yeah he’s got this thing about ships and pirates!!!

If you’re an early Genesis lover, you’ll love it.


Been on a Big Country binge for the last 2 weeks.


I remember seeing them on this tour and buying a Hold The Heart white tour t - happy days . .


I got into them around the time of that tour, but only got to see them live during Peace In Our Time and after. The Seer is up there with Misplaced Childhood for me, in terms of it being with me throughout my life.


Lovely Creatures - The Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (1984-2014)


My first time, much to the disgust of my heavy metal following friends was the Steeltown tour cus at the time the Southern Death Cult (later The Cult) were supporting .(who I loved).
It was an arena tour and saw them at the NEC Birmingham and I can remember thinking on my way out, God why didn’t I see them touring The Crossing tour , cus they were brilliant live.