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2017/18 setlist , what would you like to hear?

So other than the obvious Clutching At Straws and new material, what songs would you like to hear on Fish’s up and coming tour ?

I’m gonna go for a few that have not been played live in a while -

Brother 52
Arc Of The Curve
Circle Line
Scattering Crows
Dancing In Fog
Raingods Dancing
Somebody Special

Any of these would make me a happy man indeed :wink:


I’ll go for

square go
arc of the curve
long cold day
clock move sideways
scattering crows
the field
what color is god
raingods with zippos

and many more :smile:


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From what Fish has been posting i don’t think there’s going to be much new materia available to play, which isn’t a bad thing. Happy to hear one or two new songs but if the album hasn’t been released then don’t really want to listen to loads of songs i’ve not heard.


I always want to hear some of the old B’sides, but never do! Tux On, Cinderella Search, 3 Boats, Charting The Single, Lady Nina.

Solo-wise, how about some stuff from Suits? Fortunes Of War, Pipeline, Raw Meat.

First choice on any set list for me is always Vigil. A full electric version. I think the last few times I’ve heard it have been acoustic.


I would be happy about “The Web”!


Like Paul & Ulli I’d love to hear a couple of old Marillion tracks that haven’t been played in a long time like : The Web, 3 Boats, Margaret, Charting the single, Emetald lies, She Chameleon, Tux on. I haven’t mentioned GP as obviously his vocal chords wouldn’t reach those heights now.

Failing these I’d like to hear maybe
State of Mind, Tiki 4, Rites of passage, Arc of the curve, Dark star.

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I would love to hear -

Dear Friend
Jungle Ride
Tiki 4

I wouldn`t be surprised if we were to hear some of the new covers for Songs From The Mirror remaster. So with that in mind I would love to hear the John Martyn track - May You Never.:wink:

Hope we don’t hear too many (none) covers! :wink:

Chelsea Monday :thumbsup: