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Being completely selfish, where would you like the next fish convention?

Hoping the next Convention will come sooner rather than later, I’ve been thinking about where it would be cool to spend three days, immersing myself in all things Fishy! - As perfect as Leamington Spa has been, with all the pubs and one of the best venues in the country, a large part of me wants it to be somewhere different next time.

First choice for me would be Edinburgh. Awesome city, with plenty to see and do, and not too big. - Really not sure about larger venues in the city, as I’ve only been to The Caves. Would it be suitable for a Convention? - Had some amazing weekends in Edders, so going off past experiences it is definitely first choice.

Closer to home, and being completely selfish, Chester would be a cool location for a Convention. A compact city centre. Historical, with plenty to see and do. Lots of great ‘olde-worlde’ pubs and restaurants, and a couple of great venues that would be more than suitable for Fish-sized crowds.

Where are your prime choices?


It has to be somewhere reasonably central to be “fair” to all the fans, so Leamington would work again. The old theatre style is great for the acoustics/ambience rather than a modern sqaure box.


Yeah, but try and be selfish for once! :wink:

It’s got to be Leamington or if I’m being selfish Stafford. I know it’s a bit of a shithole but it would be nice to sleep in my own bed of the evening :wink:


…Why? Do you usually sleep in someone else’s?


I am with you Paul, as much as I love travelling down to Leamington with its terrific venue, I would Love it to be in Edinburgh, my place of birth and a historical city with countless Pubs and places to eat, although I do think the date of the convention would be Paramount as Edinburgh can be really expensive hotel wise depending on time of year(Fringe etc…)

That said if I was going to be totally Selfish I would like it in Motherwell where I live(Civic Centre Concert Hall, has hosted many names in the past including Fish, Madness etc… also I wouldn’t have to forkout for travelling expenses and hotels all the time, just wish in General Fish would have done more Scottish Gigs, would have made it to a lot more then.

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I genuinely am not bothered. I have been to Haddington a couple of conventions as well as other gigs at the Corn Exchange and St Marys. I think Edinburgh could be too expensive and it might be too easy to be separated / swallowed by the city. Haven`t been to Leamington but has always sounded excellent as a place / venue. Needs to be central for incoming flights from Europe etc.

Being completely selfish though, I think everybody should come to Dundee. 50 miles up the coast from Edinburgh. More compact, cheaper acomodation, plenty quality venues, loads of pubs of varying qualities and room for 2 on the bed settee and a couple of tents in the garden too.

I have already made it known at home that I`m going whenever and wherever it is. :grinning:


I’d do Dundee!

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Dundee it is :wink:

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would love to go to this (last ?) convention wherever it will be…

being completely selfish,I guess Paris would be a great place to meet each other :grinning:


Bed settee or tent? :laughing:

Bed Settee or tent? :laughing:


Park bench.


I’d prefer my own bed than you’re park bench any day Paul :wink::joy::joy:

I wouldn’t really mind where the Convention would be held to be honest because if everyone can make it the Company will far out weigh the venue . :smiley:


I’d make do with a Bus Shelter but since Michelle will be going I guess its the Bed settee(in your front living room with en suite and mini bar :wink: )


Why do you want a mini-bar when you have your deluxe drinks trolley?


No mini bar, just one helluva kerry oot. :stuck_out_tongue:

With you doing your waitressing :wink:

Well I have to make some use of those fishnets you lent me.