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Can anyone confirm this for me please?

I received an email from bands in town yesterday, advertising this…

Can anyone confirm this is true, or has it been falsely advertised? I rushed to buy tickets, and now on closer inspection, I have a feeling I have just been ripped off! :scream:

I don’t think you’ve been ripped off - you’ve just booked to see the wrong band.

Fish & Bird are a genuine band, just not likely to play Kayleigh.

Yes, I appreciate that Fish and Bird are a real band, and I’m sure they’re very good, however, they’re not who I signed up to see. The advertisement is misleading at best no? :confused:

Is this false advertising or not?
If so, have I grounds to complain and ask for my money back?

Did you get your money back?

Yes John, I did! :grinning:
The ticket company also contacted Bands in town, who were advertising the gig, and asked them to remove the ad because it was incorrect.