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*Help* Islington gig 29th April

Hi can anyone help me get a ticket for this gig, its for my husbands birthday & we are both fish fans, attended nearly all the conventions & various gigs across the country over the years, got married at the Haddington 2010 convention & spent our wedding evening in St Marys for the acoustic set. We didn’t plan on going as Kayleigh our daughter is to young to take with us & my husband didn’t want to travel from Norfolk on his own but now a friend has managed to get a ticket & offered to take him if he can get a ticket. I thought it would be a brilliant surprise for his birthday. So if anyone out there has a ticket they don’t think they are going to to use. please don’t let it go to waste please get in touch xxxxstrong text

Try posting this on Fish’s Facebook page, you never know :slight_smile:

Hi Ian, I cant do that without my husband seeing it as he follows that page, & ive never seen anything other than posts from fish on there before, don’t want to do something that will annoy people :frowning:

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Keep an eye on “posts to page” rather than the main timeline as tickets do pop up on there every so often, typically 50 for Islington were released earlier in the week but I’m guessing they’ve gone now. Good luck hope you do find some for him :slight_smile:

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