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Selling my collection of Fish CD Collector

Hello all !

I put on sale my CD collection.
I’d rather see them go to fans as anywhere else;)

So i have :
Fish (Marillion) - Bagpipe Disaster CD
Fish (Marillion) - Edinburgh Playhouse CD
Fish (Marillion) - Zurich Volkhaus CD
Fish (Marillion) - There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s fish CD
Fish (Marillion) - Lucky Bastards CD
Fish (Marillion) - Haddington Corn Exchange, 31.11.91 First Compagny Convention CD
Fish (Marillion) - Head Curry Live In Luzern 12/11/95 n° 1853 CD
Fish (Marillion) - Hammersmith Odeon 2.04.1990 CD
Fish (Marillion) - Pigpens Birthday CD
Lady Let It Lie Single 4 tracks
Tales From The Big Bus
Live In Krakow (VHS Edition)

All in Mint condition, like new.

If someone in interested, contact me !

If not, i put all of this on Ebay.

Best regards.

Hello, I’m interest for Fish- Head Curry, if you
still have the album.