Some gigs coming up

Yes a joint gig / tour. Some venues Manics are headlining, others Suede - Manics headlining Cardiff.

It’s 2 nights at Cardiff Castle (Friday night sold out quite quick so Saturday has been added). Think I paid £60 or thereabouts.

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The Alarm US tour is now postponed (likely to be cancelled) due to Mike’s health. Terrible news.

I’ll hold on to my tickets for now in the hope that he makes a full recovery. :crossed_fingers:

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He’s having no luck. It’s one thing after another.

I’m seeing Big Country later in the year. It was supposed to be a joint gig with Mike. I’d assume that will still go ahead.

Presale on Thursday. To get a presale code, go to David Gilmour Store ( but you don’t have to buy the album. Chose ‘no purchase necessary’, and you’re directed to the registration page.

Think it’ll sell out quickly.

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Not sure about the Port Zelande weekend this time around. It’ll mean 3 nights in Glasgow for Fish, home on the Tuesday, then off again on the Wednesday for 5 nights in PZ.

Apparently last ever PZ weekend as CenterParcs are building a solar panel area in the car park where Marillion erect their tent for their gigs, so after 2025 there’s no room for a venue.

FM on Saturday

Considering this one.

Wolverhampton is the closest for me and not been to KK’s Steel Mill before.

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Its a great venue Steve, go for it. :+1:


A weekend away with friends some of which you’d know , maybe have a beer or 2 as well. :wink:

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With Mike Peters and The Alarm cancelled tonight, next up is Saxon & Uriah Heep on Monday.

Out of interest Mike, what size is the venue ?

Holds up to 1000 but I don’t think I’ve ever been there when it’s at capacity and that’s the total for the GA floor and the seats in the balcony. Tickets are still available for Monday so it won’t be full again.

This will give you a rough idea, small mixing desk at back. Bar is on the right in this pic from the stage.

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Bruce Dickinson tonight


Tonight in Bristol. On the train now, then will be looking for somewhere to sit in the sun for some pre-gig drinks.


Try and see Klone Steve , i know its acoustic but they are very good live.


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