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Steve Rothery - Marillion - Uber Rock Interview Exclusive

It was the wine that made me and it seemed like a good idea at the time

You calmed down now? :smiley:
What were you going to say?

Hiya John

I had a link on Faceache to the interview that Steve Rothery gave.

Read it and see what you think, it was raking over the coals of the split. It seems a bit inflammatory to my mind.

I thought that all that had been put to bed and wondered what Onkle thought!

But then I thought about it and it seemed like my post may have been viewed by some quarters as stirring the mud up so to speak.

I just got a bit ranty about the interview and the wine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. It’s the über rock interview online.

Better deleted then causing friction.

My fault.


Just read it over at Uber Rock.

I don’t think that Rothery is trying to stir up trouble. It’s his take on events and he seems pretty direct in how he feels about some things. If you read through the liner notes on the Clutching at Straws remaster, there’s a sense that the band were overworked and Fish needed a break from the whole Marillion machine. It’s not a conflicting point of view - just a different angle.

It’s a fair point about Fish’s vocals. He’s not singing in the same key as he used to - Fish himself has said that in many interviews along the way. I think that the reworking of the Marillion material on the Fishheads Club Tour shows that he can adapt and still use his voice to the best of his ability.

As a sidenote Rothers also mentions his frustration working with Dave Meegan, but points out his utter respect for him too.

Frankly, I’m surprised that the interview digs up so much “old stuff”.