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The Election 2015

This topic will probably die the death on here, but what the hell! Big decision for the country and all that. - Still trying to work out if there are any discernible differences between any of the main Parties. They all seem so identikit these days. Gone are the days of feisty personality clashes between Thatcher and Kinnock, Scargill sticking his boot in and Roy Hattersly showering the entire frontbench with socialist spittle.

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I’ve decided I’m voting for Cameron. He was feeding a baby lamb from a bottle.

Doubt I’ll be voting for the Green Party, but they definitely have the best Party Political Broadcast! That boyband parody is class! - ‘Let’s frack this green and pleasant land’. Classic.

We also have the election here now, it’s for the parliament. I just came from voting.

Every vote counts!

It’s about time we had some more polls on here! Where’s John lately?

Hiding! But I’m back. I’ve just been absolutely swamped with work and projects.

But what a result! I had a message from @fish this morning that made me chuckle and I thought I’d share with you all: