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The Fest in Itlay - November 2014 / ROME

Hi to everyone, I’m responsible for The Compny Italy fanclub.
If anyone of you is interested in the gig of Fish in Italy, here some details for tickets:

The Feast in Italy – Novembre 2014 - ROMA
Here the details for the tickets of
Rome, 27th November 2014 : Rome – Planet Club

Official pre-sale website: (still not on sale)
Standard price : 25,00 euro (+ presale rights)

Show time : 10.00 pm

The Company Italy fanclub promo:

Promo price : 20,00 euro

How to buy “The Company Italy fanclub promo” :

Please "like" The-Company-Italy page on Facebook and you'll become member !
Credit transfer to the head of fanclub
IBAN : IT20H0200801670000001692497
Bank: Unicredit

Account Owner : GIANLUCA PETRI

Reason / Description of the credit transfer: please pay attention to include in the description the name of the person and the number of tickets. Example, in case of Mr. Smith buying 2 tickets: “Refund Ticket Fish Rome 2014 - TCI – Smith x 2”

How to collect tickets :

  • At the venue box office, on the day of the concert (a copy of the credit transfer receipt must be shown)

Remark: Please send an email to to confirm that the credit transfer has been sent. This will be of help to check everything is ok.

For any further info, please send email to

Many thanks