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Walnut PigPen's Birthday Box Set by Fish Help Needed

In 1993 Griffin made a limited run of 250 copies. In fact I think I bought another title as well but as luck would have it it has disappeared. I have an iPad app that allows me catalog my CD’s and Records, but I have Squat for info?

Any Fish collectors who can shed any light?

Rebos (Sober)

I found this:

Rab (Mwelljester), your turn!

I want one!

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Never heard of this release…I want one too :heart_eyes:


Hi George,
Yes you are correct, Griffin released this Walnut Wooden boxset and as you say it was a limited edition run of 250, this was only released like this in the USA.
Griffin F1103.

Also the other title you enquired about, is “For whom the bell Tolls”, Also released by Griffin Records in the USA only and again a limited run of only 250 in a Walnut wooden box.
Griffin F1102.

Both of which usually command high prices when they come up for sale.

That is the title I have, some where. When you say high ? Where would you sell something like this as no one even is familiar with his brilliance in normal selling circles. I could get better use out of a Mint vinyl copy personally.

Thank You Mwelljester!

This is the only vinyl I can locate:

Hi George

There are a couple of selling options open to you, Ebay being the main one, then there is Discogs and then Amazon.
I would probably advise Ebay as it has a bigger audience regards to scarce and rare music material thus probably accompanying a better price, at the end of the day it will sell for what someone is prepared to pay for it.
I have only seen a couple for sale on eBay and those went for btwn £100-140.

Regards a mint vinyl copy, these official live CDs were never released on vinyl so maybe you better hang on to this boxset.

Hope this helps George.

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If I can find the CD’s I may attempt a sale. I have a slight vinyl addition that could use some funding. LOL


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Seen this also, totally well over priced, no one in their right mind would pay that.

Is it just me, or is that packaging overkill? I don’t have space for regular CDs. Nevermind ones coming in their own furniture.

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If you want to show off an opulent CD collection then I think that this is indeed the keystone :smiley:

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Does it come with a free can of Mr Sheen?


I think that if you own this, you can probably afford your own Mr Sheen :laughing:

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Hundred years from now, you’ll see these things on the Antiques Roadshow with some bearded bloke enthusing over its patina.

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