What Did You 'YouTube' Today?

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Can’t believe how this band transitioned so gracefully from the tragic loss of David Longdon to having a new lead singer that fits so perfectly. Just my opinion of course.

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Following on from Paul`s Justin Currie post thought I would put this up from last weeks Glasgow gig. So sad that that Justin has been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. Message for us all - do what you can, for as long as you can and enjoy yourself along the way. Life aint no rehearsal.

Just noticed that this clip was filmed in Birmingham! Still you get my drift.

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What albums would you recommend Lawrie? Just realised I’ve been missing out.

Del Amitri albums - Waking Hours, Change Everything, Twisted, Some Other Suckers Parade, Can You Do Me Good?, Fatal Mistakes
Of those I would go for 1,2,3 & 6 followed by 4 then 5
My favourite album is Twisted

Justin Currie has 4 solo albums - What Is Love For?, The Great War, Lower Reaches and This Is My Kingdom Now.
I only know the first two of these. Prefer the band albums.

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I’ll stop posting these BBT videos soon. :laughing: The musicianship is off the scale.

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Toyah and Robert entertaining themselves on a Sunday afternoon while the Yorkshire puddings are in.

This band will be supporting Ville Valo next Friday in Oulu where we will be.

A bit of a cheesy intro, but what a tune.