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YouTube to block Indie Music Labels

Another nail in the coffin?

No one contacted me yet. It looks like yet another major corporation wants even more money at the expense of artists - not that they pay a lot to us anyway.

Blocking the music just shuts another door in an already overcrowded room - for both sides of the wall.


I know it’s not quite the same thing (cough), but we used to have a great video up on YouTube of one of my tours to the Somme that Sammi worked on with a ‘pro’ who came with us - it got deleted by YouTube as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Cij on it.


How is an independent supposed to cut through all these barriers ? - I suppose they’re not supposed to - don’t want to upset the big boys now do we.

The coffin containing small, independent artists must have so many nails in it now that it really only has scrap value…

What is the price of iron these days? :anguished: