Best track from Script for a Jester's Tear


Exactly what it says on the tin!


Has to be “Script” for me closely followed by Forgotten Sons and the rest, to be fair. This is an Awesome Album with Pure quality throughout, Imho opinion, it is very difficult to Pick a Best track off these type of Albums because they are so god Damn Brilliant, your Best/Fav track tends to chop n Change depending on what mood you are in at the Time of Listening to it, with me “Script” is the Iconic Anthem of the Band when first saw them bk in the early 80’s and holds a place close to my Heart. :smile:


Well, best or favourite? - This is incredibly difficult! It’s such a strong album and full of stonking tracks. I’m going to say (after careful consideration) that although the title track is one of my favourites to hear live at a gig, I have a real love for Garden Party. - Forgotten Sons is awesome too, but yeah, I’d say Garden Party.


Mine’s a close tie with The Web and Forgotten Sons because the former’s quiet sections are breathtakingly eerie and the latter’s political message hits me so hard.


Yeah, the political message is very powerful. Love watching the old dvds of this track, with Fish wearing his helmet and shooting at the crowd. A very visual performance.


“You’re just another coffin on it’s way down the emerald isle…” Thank God I never had to go and serve there, we should’ve never reached to that conclusion.


“Asking Questions, Pleading Answers, from the nameless faceless watchers the parade the carpeted corridors of Whitehall” Exactly! :frowning: .


You know you’ve got such a strong album when you can literally pick out any line of any track and find something amazing, moving, thought-provoking and deeply personal. Fish was, and still is, the master of hitting home and hard with a lyric.


I could never really get the point of Garden Party. Is it about the repulsiveness of social elitism or based on Fish’s experience with a high class party?


Not so Much Repusliveness, but just taking the Piss out of them lol… :wink:


Do you know what? Although I often focus on lyrics, I have a real love for Garden Party for entirely different reasons. I just love it musically and for the atmosphere it creates. - Think Rab is right. It’s social commentary, but also a piss-take! You only have to watch the video!


As someone whose first Marillion album was ‘Real to Reel’ I was disappointed with ‘Garden Party’ on ‘Script’ as it’s so slow in comparison. ‘Forgotten Sons’ didn’t equal the live version either , but fortunately everything else on ‘Script’ was new to me and the combination of the songs and artwork made it the classic it still is. Favourite track? Has to be the title track for me.


Anyone who knows me, knows my love of music, not just Fish and early Marillion but music as a whole . From Abba to Slipknot my opinion is open IMHO if its good no matter what genre, its good .

Marillion - Script For A Jester’s Tear tho holds its own, it honestly is one album (my all time favourite) that has every track as an absolute classic.
My favourite track I could not say, as I love them all equally . It’s the only album in my collection of 1000’s that I own, I can say this about.

The saying of “All Killer No Filler” says it all. :heart_eyes:


the best track for me is the eponym one!!!
the anthem of all Marillion’s lovers:you have to know the song by heart to be a true fan :smile:

but “forgotten sons” is very close especially playing live:what a powerful version on “real to reel”:never heard anything like this before:probably one of my favourite song ever!!!



I really enjoyed the video to Garden Party where Fish and his friends are forest warriors shooing away all the posh toffs!


Phew. Hard to pick a favourite off a quite stunning debut album.
I knew all the songs for almost 2 years before the album came out and Forgotten Sons was always my favourite of ther early live sets.

The only new track on the album, that wasnt played live before the album was released, was Script and that took my breath away when I first heard it.

However Forgotten Sons is immense musically and lyrically. The band at their absolute best and the forerunner to Fugazi


The Web
Forgotten Sons


Forgotten sons

Chelsea monday - such s sad story and brilliant music.


And breathtaking guitar solo :heart_eyes:


Forgotten Sons.

Script is important to me as I remember it playing in the background when I first went out with my husband.

My dad liked Marillion (but not Fugazi album) so we used to have the tapes playing in the car. I was always embarrassed when Fish sang a certain lyric in Garden Party…you can’t sing that word in front of your dad when you’re about 12!