Cambridge 19/12 -- traveling from NYC!


Please forgive if this is not the proper section to post this, but I’ve been a Fish fan since the Marillion days and saw both of his solo forays to the USA back in the day. Once I saw he was doing the full “Clutching…” on this tour, and facing the reality that the red tape and bullcrap that exists for work visas, etc. would likely keep another USA tour from happening, I bought tickets!!

London was sold out (didn’t know a third show would be added, but no worries), but if all goes to plan I’ll be at the show in Cambridge. Not sure there are any oldsters this old, but back in the Prodigy(!!) days, I was Lady Nina :wink:

Hope to meet some of you there!


I remember! Enjoy the gig. …and Cambridge. Nice town.


I think Tony (mileszippo) is doing the Cambridge gig .


Incidentally, how nice would Cambridge be for a final Convention. We could go punting!


Good shout that Paul, especially in the summer time.
More for the place rather than the punting ! :wink:


Thanks! Good to know some of the Prodigy people are still around :slight_smile:


But punting on the Cam is jolly fun they say?


But so is F***ing and Wining. :wink:


Don’t forget reclining and rucking :wink:


Hello “Lady Nina”. I can also remember you on the old forum. Enjoy the Cambridge gig!

If you like, take a look at some Facebook groups.

Fish & Marillion Fans…(All the best Freaks are here) …
This page dedicated to Fish!

Maybe there are some more people are going to the Cambridge gig.


Hi Ulrich, I believe I remember you as well!! Thank you so much for the tips, and great to ‘see’ you again!


Hi I will be going and plan to get a bite to eat before, do you have what’s app if so could let you know where we are eating and drinking Tony


Hi Tony! I’m not on What’s App but I have a UK mobile number temporarily, which is 074-4873-9342 if you’re ok with sending a text. I’m not sure exactly what our movements will be tomorrow (just got into town today with my man Philip), but sounds cool and hopefully we can make it!


Well I did have to do the obvious and go punting on the Cam in the lead-up to the gig tonight, lol!

And it was jolly good, as they say :wink:


:laughing: :laughing: :thumbsup:

Brilliant! Had to be done! …Even though it’s more of a summer thing. Bet it was freezing.


It actually wasn’t too bad! They had blankets and hot water bottles which helped.