David Robert Jones


Fucking cancer has taken away yet another epic genius. So gutted.


Bowie was a part of making some of the most influential sounds in the history of popular music. Sadly though he has been taken down by this horrible disease. RIP Starman.


A Truly great artist who will be very sadly missed.
Condolences to his family and friends
Ashes to Ashes…
RIP Mr Stardust.


I turned the news on this morning. I’m so shocked and saddened. I had no idea he was even ill. This is a MASSIVE loss for British music. - He was such a trendsetter and individual. No one like him, and there never will be. RIP.


Gutted :rage:
A true innovator of music , both in sound and image.


Hard to believe. Absolutely one of the greatest ever anywhere. :worried:



Been a fan all of my life…bought Blackstar on Saturday.
He knew what he was doing.



Just been listening to Lazurus from the new album which has obvious reference to death and what was due to come.

Cancer is such a bastard.