Download 2016 Headliners


All main stage headliners now confirmed :-

Friday - Rammstein
Saturday - Black Sabbath
Sunday - Iron Maiden


Looks like I’ll be spending another weekend at Donington early June then . :wink:


2X weekend tickets bought yesterday :wink::smiley:




Was just going to post the same. My son text me 5 minutes ago.


It’s nice to see some of the classic bands announced, the newer bands on the metal/rock scene are mostly shite !!!


Latest announcements


Latest announcement, very disappointed :neutral_face:


So is the ‘Encore’ stage the usual Second Stage ? If so, that’s a really poor line up.


Yeah it is, Janes Addiction and Sixx .A.M were the only two bands out of 36 announced last night that I fancy seeing . :neutral_face:


All I really wanted to see at Download was Maiden but I really didn’t want to pay out £80 + for a day ticket. Just hoping the rumoured 2017 arena tour happens


BabyMetal just been added to Friday :smiley:
A must see for me :wink:



5 more weeks :smile:


3 weeks today :laughing::heart_eyes::wink::guitar::guitar::guitar:


I guessed from you recent ‘what are you listening to’ posts that this was coming soon.

I think my son is up there again working, though not sure if he’s selling pizzas or temporary tattos - it’s normally one or the other.