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Edinburgh gig Weltschmerz tour, March 28, 2020

C`est La Vie.

A week ago stoked up for the best thing to happen this year and then boom! A whole shower of shit and disappointment. Cant find any glimmer of the positive at the minute. It`s a bit like trying to polish a turd . :frowning_face:


At least Premier Inn did some polishing when they now sent an e-mail that even Non-Flex bookings can be cancelled and refunded fully so we get back those £ 280,50.


Fish - March 2020 Update (Part 1):


Yesterday evening, a 65 minutes call with Lufthansa. More than 20 minutes, please hold the line. And at the end, money back for the cancelled flight next week and we have booked new flights for February 2021. It took so long because they weren’t able to rebook us to next year. Fingers crossed!


Just realised that I would have been packing my bag for Edinburgh today. Completely unreal how things have panned out. :frowning_face:

Maybe a mad idea, but how about us all that would have been going to Edinburgh or any other forum members, sharing a pre gig drink tomorrow via a group Whats App video call??
Im not the most advanced at such technology, but maybe someone could set this up, if we could agree on a time . ?


That’s a great idea Andy :laughing:

We did that last night for a birthday video chat session with my bros and sis and had a brilliant time, all had drinks in front of our screens. We used Facebook Messenger video call but we can do it on whatsapp I’m sure? I can surely make a few trials and by saturday I can create a whatsapp group with those who want to participate.
I’m up for it if people wanna boogie woogie :grin:

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I’m in !!
A drink, a smile, voices and faces !!
The whatsapp group is OK

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Maybe we could use, we could be many on video at the same time on this, as alternative to whatsapp.
Recommanded today by an IT manager of my internet provider, it’s a long story.

I think we need to keep it simple Marie… most people already have whatsapp and it works great as it is, I tried a grouped video call tonight and it works wonders. If we start having to install stuff and all it will put people off. My take on it anyway.

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Sorry guys I won’t be able to make it, regards new job I’m back working nights, so I’m working tomorrow night and Sat night off on Sunday the Mon-Fri Nights next week so far as my rota goes.

When`s yir teabreak? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Glad you got sorted out wi a job mate.

At the moment we would be finding our way to Premier Inn, Lauriston Place from Edinburgh Airport. But we’re not. :cry:



It all still seems like a bad dream to me to be honest.

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I should have been in Swansea now, having a few drinks before watching Diamond Head.

Join us tomorrow for a drink from home , the next best thing, but gutted its not for real :persevere:


New album put back to September


Watched this earlier. Makes sense otherwise momentum of its release would have lost impact before tour dates.

Steve, are you joining us for a wee drink tomorrow?


Sure, mate! :beers:

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Right, I’m afraid we have to change our plans as whatsapp video call only allows no more than 4 people at the same time (thanks Anthony for the heads up) :roll_eyes:
So the other way around it would be a group video call on FB Messenger. I know most of us are on FB (or their partners) sadly I know that some of you aren’t :disappointed:.

I can create a discussion with those who are up for it, would mean people who are yet not friends with me would have to accept me for tomorrow night I guess then I’d be able to create a group. (We can “defriend” ourselves afterwards thats no problem :wink:)

What do u people think? Open to suggestions!!