Favourite Song Of The Week!


Self explanatory, like album of the week! For me, there’s always one song that stands out. One I can’t stop playing (or singing!)

This week’s has to be…

Hurricane Elaine - Ian McNabb

…reworked from the original acoustic version on his Little Episodes album, and inserted onto his new CD in kick-ass Rock form. Love it! :grin: :thumbsup:


gaza - Marillion



Great Track Paul.


defense mechanism - Gazpacho



Without a doubt…

Marillion - Jigsaw

Always been one of my favourites, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve played Fugazi so much. Such a dark album, but for me this track shines out. Simply beautiful.


here is what I wrote on the old forum about “fugazi”:my mind hasn’t changed about it

“FUGAZI is what I call a black diamond…deep,dark and powerful:the lyrics in this album are intense;
the whole album reminds me of Baudelaire in its atmosphere:voluptuous but sometimes a bit thrilling(worrying or uncanny):in the end,a unique and stunning album” :wink:



Perfect description! it’s possibly the hardest Marillion album and not the first one I’d recommend to a newcomer. Claustrophobic and threatening, but incredibly powerful.


that’s exactly the right words!



woman in chains - Tears For Fears



Winter Song - Crash Test Dummies


fight the power - Public Enemy



Barricades Of Heaven - Jackson Browne


anathema - Anathema



Credo - Fish


Ariel - Anathema


Deliverance - Opeth (takes a while to get there but the last 4 minutes are epic).


My favourite Opeths song - Epic :wink:


Standing In The Breach - Jackson Browne


Motley Crue - Wildside


Jackson Browne - Walls And Doors