Fish 2017 update!


Taken from Fish’s Fb page.

UK tour on line for December 2017 to be announced in January.
‘Weltschmerz’ and an entire performance of ‘Clutching at Straws’ on its 30th anniversary. European tour being arranged for October/November to be announced in March.


That makes my day :smile:



We will all mosh together one of these days.


Get yir boots on and yir Euros saved. We march…:grin:


Well let’s make it happen then :wink:


If you’ve got a Welsh, ie, Cardiff, gig potentially lined up, then please consider playing The Tramshed. With this being the final tour, don’t under sell yourself by playing The Globe, or something similar.

The Tramshed is a bigger, and far better venue.



Looking forward to this!:beer:


A little stop-off at Warrington Parr Hall wouldn’t go amiss either. :wink:

…I’ll throw in a free dinner at Mr Lau’s.


Wulfrun or 2 nights at the Robin would be good just not Brum town hall


Is that for all of us Paul ?!
Warrington it is then :wink: (great venue).


whatever the venue,it will be great because we will all be there…well I hope I will be able to come :slight_smile:



…So do we!


Auld Reekie ? I vote for !!




Auld Reekie
Glasgow (Mosh pit square heroes :wink:)