Fish at Night of the Prog Festival X - 17th to 19th July 2015


Exciting news about one of the Festival gigs, performed by Fish!



Coun’t me in !
I won’t miss this !
(nor the way back home, through the Mosel valley :wink: )


count me in ,im taking my wife n daughter ,just gotta decied if i drive from yorkshire or fly ,been trying to find hotels in loreley ,cant wait


Fish is headlining the saturday night 18th july


Hope this is true


its true google night of prog 2015 website says Fish saturday 18th ,decided to drive from yorkshire to Loreley


and theres Cropedy festival in oxfordshire in august too


Loreley, Saturday, Fish on stage 23:00 :open_mouth: (it was postponed from 20:30???). Main act, headliner??


A Few Photos of FISH LIVE at LORELEY “NIGHT OF THE PROG!” Courtesy of Michael Schneider etc…


Amazing photos - thanks for sharing.

What a great venue with the steps to allow fans to view stage better right to the back.

5th last photo - who is the cheeky lady taking a photo stage side of the ropes?


That’s Fish’s Daughter Tara. :slight_smile: