Fish - Marillion Collection


let’s start a new discussion:what item in your collection are you the most proud of ? :cd:
is it a rare cd edition or a vinyl or a bootleg or a signed item maybe or whatever you have in your collection ?
we’re talking about Fish of course (solo and with Marillion) but also the H era (no discrimination :blush:)

just curious :wink:



Ay-eee papi!
A tough one indeed…
It’d have to be a combination of items - as a person STUCK in the United States ( for now ) Onkel Feeshy’s items - as well as Marillion items before and since were HARD TO COME BY.
Until I met this CD shop owner in Ft. Collins, CO - Walter - place was called “abCDs” - and he was pipelined into a prog rock fan base that was able to access and order me stuff I’d NEVER BEFORE SEEN.
Mind you - this was all ALSO in a pre-internet world…
But the three would be:
1.) my giant INTERNAL EXILE subway poster ( the guy “crucified” in the wheel version )
2.) my collection of bootleg VHS tapes of brit & Euro TV appearances and concerts… Including one with our boy Feeshy guest VJing on Euro MTV - offering comment on the SINGER from “How We Live” - oddly prophetic AT THE TIME.
3.) My photo of ME AND ONKEL FEESHY in NYC about 18 years ago for the Sunsets tour…

I don’t know howe many of you folks are in/from the US - but GETTING things - even LP CDs - of Fish’s stuff was often a challenge and some driving to be done. Luckily I was usually within an hour of a decent city ( NYC, LA, Philly, Denver, Orlando ) with indie record shops that could ORDER me copies of stuff.
And then, on the billion and eighth day… There was the interweb!


4 things

  • my first dedication on a place in 1995 before a concert in Paris
  • cd candle in the fog found on ebay
  • cd maxi the company found after 10 years of search in any disc-shop
  • a picture with the man and me after a gig in Paris


Well, they’re not particularly rare, but my most treasured Fish/Marillion items are the signed stuff. Three Christmas cards from Fish, a postcard, and the Script For A Jester’s Tear artwork, signed by all the band. I have that framed on my wall.

I’m not really a collector of memorabilia and posters. Tend to just stick to CDs and Records, but like I said, it’s definitely all the signed material that I treasure.


As for the Fish’s item,and like you Paul,I love my signed items:the “vigil” picture disc,the “gentleman excuses’s me” picture disc too and 3 CD albums “vigil”,“13th star” and “sunsets on empire”

But I love also my “sunsets” promo album found on eBay

As for Marillion,I’m very proud to be one of the 300 owners of the “a sunday night above the rain” collector box and many signed items (cd’s,pictures disc and vinyls albums or collectors éditions)



Oh and I forgot my Fish and Marillion bootlegs cd’s :wink:



Yeah, but you’re supposed to keep quiet about those. :wink:


yes probably but as I have nearly all the disography (singles included) of Fish and Marillion,I think I did my part :wink:

But I know it’s bad but I assume :blush:



Hey, I was only joking Anthony. I have about 30-40 U2 bootlegs on cassette.


I know you were Paul,no problem at all :wink:



Backstage pre a Marillion gig Edinburgh Playhouse Sept 1991, clutching picture discs to be signed by 4 members of ‘new’ band, and almost trip over Fish feet as he sits in the Marillos dressing room unexpectedly.
(Maybe first time Fish had met up with band since split 3 years earlier?)

Sadly, I never had bottle to ask Fish to sign the picture discs also, but I caught up with him in a record store signing year after i think.

item in your collection are you the most proud of ? That will be the 12 inch Market Square Heroes picture disc signed by all 5 of Marillion.

Like my face seeing Fish sitting with the old band that night in 1991 - Priceless.


Saliva Tears poster signed by the man himself :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Wow. Thank God they changed the Marillion font/graphic! Early days.


I have a rich old (with Fish) Marillion collection but just in my mind. Because I’m too full-grown to wonder the obvious. :wink:
My son very like this music. He watchs and listens one in Youtube.
But I don’t care the new Marillion. Those songs are outside of life.
I very like the Fugazi song. It is a very terrible song. But the present truth is terriblest much more. And we should always say the truth because this is the only way of our life.


here are two moments I’m very happy and proud about:I’ve met the big scottish man twice:one time at a free gig in Paris at the hard-rock café and one time in a pub just beside the venue where he had his gig for his last album…that’s where I made him signed my 3 albums I talked about earlier in this thread:he’s really a nice guy! :+1:

I also met several times the other members and especially H during an interview I made for the web France fanzine and once again H and Steve Rothery during a live acoustic session they made for a french radio (RTL2):and I was there with the web France president:just the two of us with H and SR in the studio:what a enormous privilege :grinning:
They played 4 songs just the two of them and I took a picture with them right after this session that I have made signed by SR the next time I met him after a show in Rouen (you can find those songs on the 2nd disc of the “sounds that can’t be made” special edition btw :blush:)

of course,I’m not counting the many times I met them before or after many gigs :wink:

Beautiful memories and I feel very lucky and honored to have met these incredible artists :smiley:



…I know that wasn’t exactly the theme of the topic, but thinking about it, it’s probably those chance meetings with the big man that I treasure most too. I consider myself privileged to have had my hand shook by him three times during various renditions of Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors! …and since that is my favourite solo Fish track ever, it will take some beating.

Met him in the bar before the Edinburgh Caves gig, and after that gig too, and also during the last Convention. Each time was magical.

…We also used adjacent urinals at a Chinese restaurant after the Citadel gig, but I didn’t want to impose on him, mid-flow.


I agree Paul. As a young man I invited Fish to my 21st by handing him an invite at the bar pre-gig in Dundee. Photo taken with him in Victoria Street, Edinburgh after a Toile Tour gig in `92. The handshakes during Vigil and most recently me running across Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow after a gig last December to thank Fish for a great show. Every time I meet him I become “punterized” and blether shite.

I dont collect really, though I do have a few old bootleg cassettes ( remember proper old fashioned bootlegs). I have a recording from83 of my first Marillion gig. Also my signed copy of Internal Exile CD.


Its mainly signed merch and cds also, probably my most treasured would be a signed Marillion Script tour program from 1983.
I’ve seen Fish a few times in pubs pre gig, but don’t really like to invade his privacy, but at the last convention at Leamington as I was stood at the bar he actually approached me and asked if I was enjoying the event and we had a little chat and drink, which I thought was a nice gesture.
My profile picture on here was taken then, I don’t have look up to many people, but christ he’s a big unit, but I do look up to him also as someone who has brought me so much happiness through his music with both Marillion and his solo career.