Fish/Marillion Tattoos Anybody?


Just wondering if any of you lot have any Fish or Marillion (or Fish-era Marillion) tattoos? Been thinking of getting one for a little while now and wouldn’t mind maybe a Jester of some description - the Jester from ‘Script…’ would be great, but I’d have to find a decent artist. Another possibility is lyrics. Anybody gone under the needle to get their admiration/fanaticism immortalised?


I don’t personally but some folk have had some spectacular tatoos which have already been posted in the old forum. Check it out. It will be good to see what people have here too.


In honour of Garden Party, I’ve always fancied a tattoo of a cucumber, but I’m worried about it shrivelling up and resembling a gherkin.


My ex-girlfriend had a tattoo of a sea shell on her inner thigh.
If you put your ear to it, I swear you could smell the ocean .


I got the jester in black and white on the chest (the one from “market square heroes”) and the words “happiness is the road” on my left arm :wink:



Is it possible to like my own posts? :laughing:


:joy::joy::joy: Oh Paul I almost peed myself


Gherkins are a sign of the devil!!




Work in progress my friends :wink:

The end in 2 weeks :slight_smile:



Needs a last session…



ive got three. heres one


It is finished but it has to cicatrized a little…it will be less “red” (in the mouth mostly) :wink:



Hope it was worth the pain mate. Looks good.


Yes it was :blush:…almost 6.30 hours of work (and pain,but bearable :smile:)



Not into tattoos for myself, though I can appreciate the skill and artistry on others. I’ve heard anything near the spine is the worst for pain. Don’t know if that’s true.


It looks brilliant Anthony, can’t wait to see it in the flesh :wink:


thanks mate :wink:



You’ll maybe think I’m crazy…and I am probably but we live only once !