Fish O2 ABC Glasgow 21 Dec


Safe journey to everyone travelling to Glasgow today. A Fishing trip and a Company of Friends awaits :wink: :beers: :beers: :sunglasses:


Was after a ticket or 2 ?


Rich1 , Col 67 on here has 2 tickets for sale for tonight’s Glasgow gig.


Cheers all - I now have a ticket :slight_smile:


same here…


Col67 has 2 spare tickets, so what are you waiting for ? :wink:


Yup. 2 tix still available. Just let me know…





A great gig and company, nights like these are what I live for :+1::wink::beers:


A good night had by all :wink::santa::beers::guitar:



Is that a Crimewatch appeal ?

“Phone 999 if you have seen any of these individuals. Do Not Approach - Dangerous”


Awesomely top night at Glasgow :grinning:
Great to meet you all :beers:


Looks like Julian has scored :wink: :laughing:


Please Stop here Santa, I believe in you :wink: :laughing:


That’s me back home safe and sound.
Great to see everyone again…great company…genuine people.
The best…happy Christmas and watch out for the black pudding​:+1::sunglasses::beer:


Just got in ourselves, despite the trains all over the place we managed to get 3 to get home and all with pretty much no disruption.
Despite being absolutely knackered it was a great Fishing trip, meeting The Company old friends and new.

Merry Christmas fellow Fishheads :wink:


Glad to see you guys all home safe. An absolute blast. Really you couldn`t write the script for how good yesterday was. Great company, a laugh from start to finish. Like you say Rik, all genuine people. That was well worth waiting almost a whole year for.

“…:santa:.And you`ll recognise by the reflection in our eyes…”


I think I had more beer in Glasgow than I’ve had all year…marvellous :beer::beer::beer: