Happy Birthday Gavin Griffiths


A birthday shout out to Fish’s drummer.

Have a great day!


Happy birthday Gavin, a splendid chap who has always took time out for a chat, whether it be with Fish, Panics or with Mostly Autumn.
Have a great day :beer::gift::birthday:


Happy Birthday from Llanelli.


Happy Birthday to Gavin! I wish you a great gig this evening in Karlsruhe!


happy birthday to gavin :birthday:



Happy Birthday!


Yes indeed, happy birthday Gav.
A great bloke who a good few of us had the pleasure of his company the night before Fish’s gig at Leamington last year.
See you in May with Panic Room ?.:wink:


A rose between two thorns.!!! (Sorry Rab) :wink:


Shit just noticed the date! !!!
For some reason this came up as a recent thread on my phone today and for some reason I can’t delete posts off my phone anymore :confused:

Any ideas John ??? :wink:


Ah, it’s a great pic anyway :smiley: