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the thing is that I think I 'll have to work harder (if it’s possible) to make bigger bonus :laughing:

I’d love to see your purchases Paul :wink:



I’ve hesitated all day to order these sneakers…I had them in my basket since this morning (it’s sold out now here in France) in my shoe size (11 US)…so after two or three hours,I wanted to confirm my basket but the size has gone so I ordered a half shoe size bigger :roll_eyes:…I wanted them so bad that I don’t mind (I’ll buy soles :joy: )



Some recent acquisitions of my own

Falkland Islands 1935 Silver Jubilee cover
with the Barnes SG4 South Georgia cancel.

Falkland Islands
1882 1d Dull Claret
Sg5X watermark inverted.

1879 South Africa Griqualand
3/- Blue. Barefoot #67.
No Wmk, Perf 14.
Engraved by Bradbury Wilkinson using the Herbert Bourne portrait of Queen Victoria.

1855 Tasmania
Sg15, 2d Deep Green
Wmk : Large Star, Imperf.

1856 Tasmania
Sg23 Pale Blue
No Wmk Imperf.

Tasmania 1860-67
Sg48, 6d Slate-violet
Imperf, Wmk Dbl 6.


Very interesting to see Rab. What’s the oldest stamp you currently own?


Paul the oldest adhesive postage Stamps I own are the Penny Black and Two penny Blue, both of course we’re the first ones ever produced issued on the 6th May 1840.
By way of misinterpretation there were actually 68,000,000 penny blacks produced, so mine were part of that.
The Red Maltese cross postmark succeeded the Black one as sometimes it was hard to differentiate if the stamp had been postally used or not so some stamps were actually used twice thus forwarding to the Red one to stop this.
After only a year though it was decided just to change the Penny Black to a Red colour thus the Penny Red was born and the Penny Black ceased to exist and the Twopenny blue had its design changed slightly thus the original ceased production as well.

Here is a couple that I have, both cancelled with a Red iconic Maltese cross cancellation which was in use from 1840-1843


These are some additions I’ve made to my collection in recent months. Mostly British coins from various periods. Pleased I managed to plug some historical gaps in my collection, and also a few other items from some different cultures I haven’t looked into before. - Sorry for the blurriness of some of these photos, but a few of the coins are not much bigger than a 5p piece.

William III (William of Orange) silver sixpence coin 1697 AD

George III British copper one penny 1797 AD

Victorian Gothic florin 1881 AD (rare)

George IV silver shilling coin 1826 AD

Victorian silver sixpence 1887 AD

Medieval Edwardian silver hammered Longshank 1239 AD

Roman bronze legionary ring with rare winged ant bezel 300 AD

Indus Valley civilisation (northwest regions of South Asia) decorated small terracotta bowl Circa 2600-1900 BC


All in very good condition :+1:


Very Nice Paul mate


Iphone 5

Iphone 7




the new one :grinning:



very hard to find nowadays because the Macallan distillery has stopped producing bottles with ages
You can find it in some liquor stores if you are lucky at almost 100€ or more…found it today for 40€ !!!



Thought I’d post this one for you Paul.

GB 1883-84
Sg194, 6d Dull green
Wmk Imperial Crown
with a Warrington Barred Circle Parcel post Cancellation.


Haha! That’s great Rab :smile: :+1:


My 8-bit collection. All from 1981-84. All in perfect working order.










Oh, that’s brilliant Mike! Love retro computers/electronics! Had Atari’s and Commodore’s back in the day.


ZX81! Wow, that jogs the memory.:smile:


Got a ‘new’ coin the other week. The oldest one in my collection. A Greek silver Drachm, Alexander The Great period (336-323 BC), depicting the head of Herakles. About the size of a 5p.


The new one



the new one :blush:



and the new one is…

100% Rye whiskey from California

Edit : same as usual I have to edit my previous post to post this one

The last one bought yesterday