Hobbies, Interests and Pastimes


Looks like a collection to me.

Can’t beat Adidas Samba. I always have 2 pairs of those. Classics.


I can’t believe it! :wink: :smiley:


I should post my air Jordan sneakers collection :wink:



Haha! It’s all coming out now! Shoe fetishes!


Is Adidas Samba the shoe for your feet, I think about the cushion and how good the Adidas Samba is prepared for save your feet for any displacements :wink: !


Samba is the one used for Football played on artificial surfaces Ulli. The design of it has never changed since it came on the scene years ago. Much prefer adidas trainers over Nike and others.


I know about the Samba use. :wink:


Don’t know why I’m putting these here, because they are neither a hobby, interest or pastime! They weren’t intended as a collection either. Originally started buying them years ago, when my 2 nephews were younger, as kind of a Halloween joke. Didn’t really scare them, but I have made a few trick or treaters jump over the years, when I answer the door. - Can’t honestly wear them too long, as I come out in a rash, due to the latex! These are ‘most’ of what I have. :grin:


Creepy !!!..the third and the fifth ones mostly



I like the 2nd most. Back in the day you used to wear them and take a selfie snap for the drinking thread!


Your taking these selfles too far lol… :wink:


the new limited edition released in France:the Legacy edition

it has found its place wtih the other limited editions and different bottles of JD :blush:



A Single Barrel box limited to 50 copies worldwide…it has been made to be offered to the clients who ordered a specific type of Jack Daniel’s promotion in their store (with minimum quantities)

One of my client did this promotion but he never saw this box :laughing:

I put an odl empty bottle of Single Barrel in it :blush:



a mirror and a carpet bar

a metal advertising

a beenie

a shirt

a polo shirt

bought at the official store in Lynchburg,Tennessee

a board

Another one

and some glasses (different sizes and types)

that’s it…for now :blush:



You’re gonna need a bigger house!


Anthony, you probably already have this one, but if you haven’t got it, I could send it to you:


Actually I have not…it’s up to you,but thanks for the proposal Mik :slight_smile:



I’ve got another hobby or passion,whatever you call it…Air Jordan Sneakers

just ordered those ones

the new collaboration between Jordan Brand and PSG…

hope there wpn’t be any problem as the site says that the delivery could take a few more days than usually :worried:



I think I should try to cure my “collection disease” cause it costs me a lot of money !!!

whisky bottles,air jordan sneakers and of course cd’s and dvd’s (which I’m now replacing little by little by BR’s)



Haha! Nothing wrong with collecting something you’re passionate about and interested in. Gives me a lot of pleasure. Of course, the costs do mount up, but what the hell?! :laughing:

I haven’t bought any coins or antiquities for a few months. Having a small break in the spending, but also waiting for some really nice pieces. Don’t think I posted pics of the items I bought last time though, so I’ll upload some later.