I'm a new fan from 1982



Despite buying Market Square Heroes in '82 and all Fish releases up to and including Vigil, I’m a new fan. I’ve only got 13th Star and Feast since then. Which album do you think I should go for next?

Thank you!


Everyone will have different opinions on this, but I’d go for Sunsets On Empire next. A very strong album and one of my personal favourites. - What about some of his live albums too, if you can get hold of them? Always a good mix of material on those. Try getting hold of Sushi and Communion.


Think the next 3 I would go for would be Field of Crows, Fellini Days and as Paul said Sunsets on Empire.


all of them :smile:…welcome btw :wink:



Thank you! I got the Return To Childhood one but haven’t really listened to the non-Marillion disc. I probably should. Good advice.


Thanks, everyone!


you should definitely have the live communion cd:just great!



The ‘Gone Fishing’ Convention cd is a must too!! Great atmosphere on that album. Nice to have been a part of it! :smiley:


I suggest the “Internal Exile” album!


and “raingods with zippos” with one of the most incredible song I’ve ever heard (the title track) : an epic masterpiece!!!



Hell, why don’t you just buy every album! - There’s only Suits I’m not that keen on, and even that has some stonking tracks.


Hi, Sunsets, Fellini and Zippos. :grinning:


… If it was me, I’d skip the first track on Zippos.


I think that if he took everyone’s recommendation he would be at that point.

And welcome, @Michael_Legge!