Looking (desperatly) for 3 tickets for Manchester Academy


Really long shot but if anyone does have any or cant go I foolishly missed booking before it sold out…
In Hope


Dan - I have one spare if you are interested. @ighten


Dan, I MAY have 1 available, tho won’t know until Thursday evening/Friday morning (other person may get stuck in London with work!). I can update you nearer the time. Hope you find some tickets. John


Thats great BG and John … If you could let me know I would take those and run the risk of the third on the touts as a last resort


I can be mailed using bruce DOT goodridge AT talktalk DOT net to swap phone numbers. Happy to meet inside the Student Union bar.


Dan, if you send your mobile number to j.f.corr@talktalk.net I will let you know Thurs/Fri. John


Dan, Sorry the ticket isn’t available now. Hope you found some tickets and enjoy the show. john


Hi bud, don’t know if you’re sorted but I have a spare for tonight as a friend can’t make it now so it’s all yours if you want it?


Thanks @Moosepal and John I managed to get sorted


No worries :slight_smile:
Enjoy the show!