Loved the Bristol gig!


Just got back from the Academy - fantastic gig, great atmosphere. Fish seemed to love it and I’m so glad I was there.

“A spider…” I could have died at that moment!

Too many highlights to mention!


How did Tony Turrell perform at such short notice ?
I’ve so much respect for this man, a very talented musician who also has a great stage presence.


He was great - in fact the keyboards were one of the strongest elements and you’d have had no idea that he’d only had 3 or 4 days notice and opportunity to practice :smiley:



I always thought TT was well-suited to the Marillion material and, as co-writer on Plague , he will always get my respect,



I loved Tony’s keyboard sounds on return to childhood…all good me thinks!
Heading to glasgee next week–Flites and hotel booked​:sunglasses::sunglasses:


It’ll be good to see you for a pint or two :wink: again Rik.