Marillion Lyric Day


Today is Marillion Lyric day, and here lies my offering…

Silken membranes span his path, fingerprints in dew
Denizens of twilight lands humbly beg him through
Mother nature’s bastard child shunned by leaf and stream
An alien in an alien land seeks solace within dreams
The shaper’s lies his poisoned tongue malign with mocking harp
Beguiling queen her innocence offends his icy heart



Is this an actual ‘thing’, or something you’ve made up Rab? Anyhow, here’s one of my favourites…

From the dreams on the barbed wire at Flanders and Bilston Glen
From the Clydeside that rusts in the tears of its broken men
From the realisation that all we’ve been left behind
Is to stand like our fathers before us in the firing line
Waiting on the whistle to blow


Think its an actual thing as its all over FB Marillion related pages. I didn’t make this up.


You can’t brush me under the carpet, you can’t hide me under the stairs
The custodian of your private fears, your leading actor of yesteryear
Who as you crawled out of the alleys of obscurity
Sentenced to rejection in the morass of anonymity
You who I directed with lovers will, you who I let hypnotise the lens
You who I let bathe in the spotlights glare
You who wiped me from your memory like a greasepaint mask
Just like a greasepaint mask



“To write my rites, to right my wrongs”



We are jigsaw pieces aligned on the perimeter edge
Interlocked through a missing piece


We don’t need your uniforms
We have no disguise
For divided we stand, together we will rise.


What about the puntastic…

Slow French kissing with the Dauphin’s daughter
If I fall in love now I’ll be floating in Seine
Plastered in Paris I’ve had an Eiffel
Gonna make my escape on the midnight train
Choo, choo to you


Maybe it was infatuation or the thrill of the chase
Maybe you were always beyond my reach and my heart was playing safe
But was that love in your eye I saw or the reflection of mine?
I’ll never really know for sure, you never really gave me time


It’s too late, I found, it’s too far, I’m in two minds
Both of them are out of it at the bar
When you say I got a problem that’s a certainty
But I can put it all right down to eccentricity
It’s just for the record it’s just a passing phase

Just for the record I can stop any day

Found a strange fascination with a liquid fixation, alcohol can thrill me now
It’s getting late in the game to show any pride or shame
I just burn a little brighter now, burn a little brighter now

Doctor says my liver looks like leaving with my lover, need another time-out now


Now dear old Mabel
When she’s able
We take a stroll down Lover’s Lane
And we’ll sink a pint of Scrumpy
Then we’ll play old nature’s game.
(Ha ha ha!
Oo arr!)
But we end up in the duck pond
When the pub is sized to close
With me breeches full o’ tadpoles
And the newts between me toes.


Mwelljester - Sounds like Grendel to me.


Arcade I don’t think those are Fish’s lyrics.