'Moveable Feast' 3d Visual and T shirt offer


3D visual for the ‘Moveable Feast European Tour 2013-2015’ I should have delivery dates for this and ‘Field of Crows’ in the next days and will let you know ordering details as soon as I have them. The 4 remasters ‘Sunsets on Empire’, ‘Raingods with Zippos’, Fellini Days’ and the new ‘Field of Crows’ will…

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so if I understand correctly,if I order the “field of crows” remaster AND the “moveable tour” cd,I could have the 2 T-shirts ?



the problem is that there are not all sizes available for the Tshirts :unamused:



No, just 1 t-shirt. Buy 2albums get 1 t-shirt free.


yes I understood but there are not every sizes available if I’m correct…for example if I want the Blue Fishheads Tshirt,there is only the small size available and I don’t think it will fit :grin:



There are some shirts where only certain sizes are available but somewhere among all the t’s on offer you should find your size ( apart from the xxl and above that size) The shirts in the offer are all we have in stock and won’t be replaced or re manufactured. If you can’t find your size in any style then why not get one as a Christmas present for someone.:slight_smile:


good idea…thanks for your post Fish :slight_smile: