Mr.Punch - as a tribute to their activities


Thanks for adding me in this forum, I’m in love with Fish and his wonderful role in Marillion, so I play in a marillion Tribute Band (each of us plays in bands original songs… but we’re all in love with Marillion, specially Fish era… so we decided to create this tribute, maybe as a basis for our original music, who knows :smile: ), I’d like, I’m very happy if I could share with you, all fans, this homage to Marillion , in a particularly beautiful moment, the fugazi tour 1984 I hope will be appreciated :smile:
Thanks a lot

Mr.Punch - as a tribute to marillion (Fish era)

Absolutely fantastic Marcella! I’m blown away by your performance! The vocals are amazing to! Just checked your FB page. Bravo :blush:


That’s really good. Nice one.


Thank you very much… Rothery is fantasticmuse :slight_smile:
this is our fb:


Thank you :smile:


An excellent version of one of my favourite Marillion songs, and getting a lookalike on keyboards - ingenious :wink::wink:


many thanks wonderful song! one of my favourite too!!! :smile:


Great song choice! Genuinely impressed! You guys sound excellent. :thumbsup:


wooow thanks :slight_smile:


wow very happy… there’s a little technical problem at one point … otherwise I’m so excited
hope you like it


Oh yeah…coming soon…only a week to go…who’s going??? I’m definitely at the Abingdon gig but there’s only two UK dates this year…don’t miss 'em :slight_smile:


These are playing the Robin 2 on 14/5


Hi!!! Yes! we will play @Robin 2
here is our flyer with all the gigs :)`I hope to see you!!


Ticket bought , looking forward to it !


wow!! thank you!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, Zazabi!! Singing Fish is absolutely natural to me… :blush::blush:


Many thanks to anyone!!! Hope to meet you all!! :blush::blush:


I seen them last year in Reichenbach. I recommend a visit of one of their gigs!!!


Thank You!!! :blush: