New Fish Site:It Is Here!





Was on last night and ordered suits and songs…
Looking forward to these immensely;)


Isn’t it possible to use a visa debit card without going through feckin PayPal? - Direct bank transfers are clunky and I won’t buy anything through PayPal.

Was going to buy a t-shirt, but I can do without.


Shame there aren’t any Ladies Tshirts with latest design.
Smaller size men shirts don’t do the trick for me unfortunately.


I second this! Have choosen the wrong option. And I have transfered some more than the final total, because no idae about the conversion rate Pound to Euro. And maybe any charge for the transfer to an account abroad :open_mouth: .

I use PayPal very often. Till now, no problems. Next time I’ll use this for the new Fish shop.


I’ve had problems with PayPal in the past, and so have some friends. I won’t purchase anything through them out of principle. I’ll do without a new t-shirt.


You’ll buy it in Manchester and have the choice which one!


So do the t shirts have tour dates on the back or not ?
I apologise if I’ve missed the obvious!


Yes they do


Yes. Per the description.


I suppose it helps if you look at the options !! :roll_eyes:
I hope there will be some more size options in black.


15 or 18 Pounds?


Thinking this will be the first Fish gig/tour I’ve been to that I won’t be buying at t/shirt.
Just not enamoured with the designs I’m sorry to say.


It’s not like you need to buy a t-shirt everytime to show you’re a real fan anyway.


Oh I know mate, I don’t buy one for that, I buy one because I like the design as well as the Artist or as momento of the tour.
I didn’t buy one on Wed night at the DP gig either because I didn’t like the designs either.


Yes mate saw that, bit strange that the black t/shirt is only available in 3xl, 4xl & 5xl ???

Surely must be a technical error on the site ?


No, I know mate. Didn’t mean you. Just in general. Sometimes, the old T’s are better. :wink:


I am outside the EU so the price I am showing does not include VAT. £15 + 20% VAT = £18. The extra cost of shipping cancels the no VAT.