New Fish Tour Tshirt 2018


From Fish’s Fb page

Here’s the mock up of the second T shirt that we will have on the tour merch stall and the website in the coming weeks. More info on the 12th when I announce the ‘Parley with Angels’ EP and download release dates. Personally I love this one as it combines Mark’s ‘new’ Clutching angel with the ‘Company of Angels’ from the ‘Parley’ artwork.

Same FAQ’s apply , only in black, large sizes will be available, no ladies designs ( again sorry) and not on vinyl or available for download or streaming :slight_smile:


I like that. :money_mouth_face:


Only large size… not for me then …



Cracking tshirt, looks like I’ll buy one of these in Lemmers :blush:


What size are you? Petite?! :laughing:


What do you think Paul ? :smile:



Very smart :+1:


Cracking artwork.


Just the normal 3 for me lol… :wink:


One for the gig, One for promotions down the street and a third in reserve lol… :wink:


Reserve? :confused:


Worn out lol…


Sweat-patch syndrome


Nah just plain worn out
Mr Bo :wink:


Couldn’t the promotions t-shirt be your reserve? That’s not likely to get worn out is it?