New Fish Tour Tshirt 2018


From Fish’s Fb page

Here’s the mock up of the second T shirt that we will have on the tour merch stall and the website in the coming weeks. More info on the 12th when I announce the ‘Parley with Angels’ EP and download release dates. Personally I love this one as it combines Mark’s ‘new’ Clutching angel with the ‘Company of Angels’ from the ‘Parley’ artwork.

Same FAQ’s apply , only in black, large sizes will be available, no ladies designs ( again sorry) and not on vinyl or available for download or streaming :slight_smile:


I like that. :money_mouth_face:


Only large size… not for me then …



Cracking tshirt, looks like I’ll buy one of these in Lemmers :blush:


What size are you? Petite?! :laughing:


What do you think Paul ? :smile:



Very smart :+1:


Cracking artwork.


Just the normal 3 for me lol… :wink:


One for the gig, One for promotions down the street and a third in reserve lol… :wink:


Reserve? :confused:


Worn out lol…


Sweat-patch syndrome


Nah just plain worn out
Mr Bo :wink:


Couldn’t the promotions t-shirt be your reserve? That’s not likely to get worn out is it?


Were these on sale in Edinburgh last night? How do they look? As good as the mock up? Anybody got a picture? Thanks.


Yes, they were. Yes, they look really good. I prefer the ‘brown’ design to the ‘blue’ one, but wanted a log-sleeved shirt, which only seemed to be available in the ‘blue’, so I ended up not getting one (I’m overrun with t-shirts, but short of long-sleeved ones).


Great design, wish I was going to the Manchester date. Hope everyone has a great night. Yay for bad health stopping me :cry:


This tours T shirts from last nights gig, dates on back are the same design on each shirt


Fuck! That means I need to fork out for 6 t shirts lol…