New releases coming up


Yes: The Steven Wilson Remixes vinyl box will be issued on 29 June 2018


My Mrs 50th birthday, so thats her present sorted !! :wink::joy:


June 29th



Have you seen the price :astonished:


You can afford it.


Yes…a bit too much maybe ? :smile:



How much is it? I can’t be bothered watching.


around 1000€ !!!



:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I’d want them to play it live in my garden for that (and still expect some change).


I’d pay that for them not to play anything.


They pretty much admit on their website that it’s completely over the top: “a bombardment of music, merch, memorabilia, and exclusive collectibles”.

It’s probably about 25 years too late, I would’ve thought.

£850! It’s really nice, though…if you were really into Guns N’ Roses…
I’d think the main problem would be that you just wouldn’t want to use any of the stuff if you’d paid so much for it, so the rings, badges, patches, etc., would just sit there looking pretty in their equally pretty box. I don’t really see the point. And at that price, I’d want a f’ing RAINBOW of coloured vinyl singles, not 7 yellow ones.

The double vinyl on its own for £28 looks OK, though… I like an etched hologram, so I do.


This one is for you …


Riverside - Wasteland (in September).


great news :grinning:



New Paul McCartney Album ‘Egypt Station’ arriving 7th September


Surely he should fuck off and retire (or is he already dead - who knows, who cares) ?


Why shouldn’t he carry on making music if he feels he still has something to say? Just curious at what age you consider they become irrelevant? - It’s morons like Morrissey who should shut the fuck up.


A wee bit harsh from Steve, but the songs are not very good me thinks. 2nd track slightly better musically but lyrically both are honking.


A pissed rant. I apologise.

However, if you think Paul McCartney should carry on if he has something to say, then so should Morrissey. Morrisseys views may not be ones that you agree with but he still has things to say, so should be free to express them.

As for ‘how old’, don’t get me started. A cull on the over 80’s would solve our housing and NHS crisis overnight, plus free up a huge amount of money that is handed out on pensions (and i’m not joking and i’m totally sober).