Prog Rock Awards 2014 - Vote For Fish!


Voting for the Prog Rock Awards has now opened and Fish is up for THREE awards. These are

There’s some stiff competition and he’s going to need your help!

To vote, you need to register on the site and then vote in each category.

Well done to Fish for being nominated for three categories and good luck! If you’re on Facebook, Twitter etc then remember to share and get your friends voting too!


Done :slight_smile: !


Don’t forget Wes and Panic Room in their categories too :slight_smile:


Done and voted. :wink: inc Wes and PR.


It makes you realise how many good albums have come out in the last year looking at that list. :smiley:


done too…for the three categories! :smiley:


I have voted too.


Voted :slight_smile: Yay


Who for ?? :smiley:


Blindly voted for Fish in all three and didn’t even bother to see who is up against! :smiley:


Done without noticing the opponents.


One week to go! If you haven’t voted then now’s the time.

Tell your friends - tell you family - tell you enemies - tell everyone!


Exciting times ahead, can’t wait for the results, so many great bands, events and recordings in the last year.
Fins crossed . :wink: :tropical_fish:


it’s going to be difficult but the big man deserves it!!!



September 11th and we’ll all know the results.