Raingods With Zippos


It’s bonfire night on Wednesday. I have bought a Zippo on the internet to make sure that I will not have to go through the rigmoral of trying to set off fireworks with a pack of matches that go out with the slightest breath of breeze.

Anyway, looking at the weather I can’t help but think of the said Fish album. I don’t think that Fish had amateur displays in mind when he penned this.

I’m certainly going to be listening to this album once or twice this week.

Is anyone else going to be a Raingod this week?


Now listening to Raingods with Zippos. :smile:

Suits well with our current weather too.


Definitely! If only there was a weather topic to discuss this… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Probably listen to it once this week too :wink:



Id ask Chris the question, as he loves the bloody stuff so much !!! :smiley::umbrella::umbrella::umbrella::umbrella::smiley:


I really like the cover of Faith Healer on this album. It’s much more restrained than the live version and the crazy violin really makes that solo jump out!

Of course there’s Plague as well but that almost certainly deserves it’s own topic! :smile:


Does this album contain Fish’s best ‘epic’ track? - I certainly think so. I find Plague Of Ghosts one of the most atmospheric and powerful pieces of music he and the band has ever conceived. - High Wood is fantastically moving and possibly contains Fish’s best ever lyrics, but I definitely think PoG hangs together better as an entire piece.


difficult even impossible to do better than “plague of ghosts” !!!



Maybe a good shout for the next Convention?? :wink:


I’d love to see PoG live - one of those tracks that I’ve never had the chance to hear in its entirety.


I have the chance to heard it once at a free gig Fish gave at the MCM café in Paris a long time ago now:a wonderful and powerful moment as I was in front of the big man (maybe 1 or 2 meters):magic!!!



I remember during the last Convention that he played some of POG during the acoustic set. Was it Waving At Stars or Rain Gods Dancing? Not sure, but I remember being really moved by it at the time.


I thought that Wake-up Call was one of the tracks played. Got to admit that my memory is a little foggy from 3 years ago!


Raingods Dancing & Wake Up Call (Make it happen) were definitely played during the acoustic set :heart_eyes::smiley:


Sounds about right. They would definitely be the acoustic numbers of choice in my book.


Leamington Spa Setlist October 21st 2012

1.Somebody Special
2.Jumpsuit City
3.Our Smile
4.Torch Song
5.Slàinte Mhath
7.Plague of Ghosts, Part 5: Raingods Dancing
(with Tony Turrell - Acoustic)
8.Plague of Ghosts, Part 6: Wake-up Call (Make It Happen)
(with Tony Turrell - Acoustic)


…Are those acoustic sets available as download? They were so good!


I wish :heart_eyes:
Maybe Rab would know or even has a copy ?


Yeah, he probably has the dvd as well.