Robin Boult, Steve Vantsis, Dave Stewart - TILT



Fish is now taking a well earned break after the final ‘Misplaced Childhood’ shows so we thought you might be interested to hear about a new album that features FISH musicians past and present Robin Boult (guitar), Steve Vantsis (bass) and Dave ‘Squeeky’ Stewart (drums).

Over 5 years in the making, ‘HINTERLAND’ is the debut album from band, ‘TILT’.

Following on from their acclaimed debut EP ‘Million Dollar Wound’, ‘HINTERLAND’ has over 60 minutes of new music.

TILT members Robin Boult, David Stewart and Steve Vantsis are all probably better known for recording, writing and touring with prog legend FISH over some 20+ years. Steve Vantsis was also responsible for writing on the last two Fish albums, ‘13th Star’ and ‘Feast of Consequences’. They are augmented by guitarist Paul Humphreys and singer PJ Dourley.

TILT are joined on this release by keyboard player John Beck (It Bites) and guitarist John Mitchell (Lonely Robot/Kino/Arena/It Bites) with John Mitchell also responsible for the final mix.

The lead track from the album is ‘Bloodline’ which has already been accepted for rotation at Planet Rock Radio.

The radio edit of ‘Bloodline’ can be bought or streamed at

‘HINTERLAND’ is exclusively distributed by Burning Shed and is available to pre-order now with an exclusive signed postcard by the band for initial orders at

‘HINTERLAND’ is released on 30th Jun 2016.

Against the Rain
No Superman
Growing Colder
Strontium Burning


This is awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed the debut EP, which I picked up on the Feast tour. Good luck with it guys. I’ll be ordering. :thumbsup:


A long time in the making, but I guess good things come to those who wait.


There was alot of talk on the recent Fish gigs about this project, amonst the punters and it sounds superb.
Just pre ordered, and am looking forward to this release very much .
All the best and hopefully, you’ll play some live gigs as well ? :wink:


Hi Andy, thank you! :slight_smile:

We are in the midst of finalising the mix and getting the music ready for production so we’re a little pre-occupied at the moment but gigs are a distinct possibility! :thumbsup:

Thanks for supporting us!



Pre- Ordered last week really looking forward to this :smile:


Pre-ordered late last week…happy days👍


Preordered, and I too would look forward to any possible future gigs!


Yes Bring on the gigs, in SCOTLAND PLEASE!!!


We’ll do our very best! ;0)



Preordered! A must have!


Some more music from ‘Hinterland’ for you… :wink: Features John Beck (It Bites/Fish) on piano and strings.


I might be tempted buying it :smiley: …it sounds really nice :wink:



Thank you :slight_smile: We think you’ll like it…



We have posted another clip from ‘Hinterland’ on SoundCloud. We hope you enjoy it!



And yet more clips for you to check out… :wink:



Hi! Some news…

Digital download pre-order of ‘HINTERLAND’ is now available with bonus tracks and artwork & session photographs included in the digital package. Every pre-order comes with an instant download of the title track. :0)



NEW lyric video of the title track of our debut album, ‘Hinterland’. Enjoy! :slight_smile:



Having coffee this morning and I hear a drop through the letterbox!
Here it is…nice touch with the autographed postcard guys.thankyou:))


I’ll have to wait til I’m finished at work to listen to mine.
Something to look forward to this evening though :grinning: