Some gigs coming up


As much as I would like to go, I won’t get a ticket this time, gotta watch my pennies as the unexpected has occured!


Just got my Royal Albert Hall ticket. Seetickets and Mytickets sold out in minutes. I was in RAH queue for a while so wasn’t expecting any luck but they still had Arena tickets left.


Just had a look and it’s sold out already !!


well, it will be without me, if so.


Hadn’t time to stop and look :angry:



15:37 (French)
85 tickets still available on Viagogo… Best price 105 euros, up to 250 euros…

Can I vomit ?


Feel free.


it is simply scandalous and disgusting…those sites who make money on the back of the fans…this time I’m very annoyed by this!!!



316€ now for some which are still available!!! (some were sold 360€…shame on them!!!)



I blame the band who do they think they are - bloody Phil Collins or Adele :joy::joy:
No right to sell a gig out that quick !
Just add the Saturday night and give the undesirables a chance of a ticket :wink:


Apparently Saturday is booked with the finals of a Brass Band competition.


The buggers!!


the problem is that the band (but mostly the management) never anticipate anything …but managing is anticipating…at least this is the thing I always hear in my company…to avoid problems,anticipate them…a pre-sale for the fan clubs would have been fair ihmo



It was a kind of final countdown… Sorry


Marie, this is one of my favourite videos ever.


From Marillion FB :

"… However - Over 1000 of the tickets at RAH are debenture or member seats. When the member seats are sent out, members can choose to attend, leave their seat empty, or make it available to RAH box office for general sale. We have been clear that we would like as many returns as possible and although we don’t have any control over who returns what/when, we do hope to be able to give you a heads up on when the member tickets are going out.

Thanks again for your support and loyalty – we are all a bit overwhelmed."


Who would be in for this ? An alternative to RAH.

Tickets on sale on 09/12 at ten (french clock)


It’s not the place that’s the problem for me Marie. It’s the gig I’m not sure about.


Nah… Sure you would like it.


I will be there…that’s for sure :smiley: