Some gigs coming up


5th July 2014 - Galahad - Christchurch (Christchurch Music Festiva) - I have to talk about, it was great!!!
23rd Auguat 2014 - Fish - Haddington
29th August 2014 - Roger Hodgson - Leipzig
19th September 2014 - Kate Bush - London (together with TNN, Andyboy67 and JohnSReid)
… I never thought about, to have the chance to see Kate bush live! Dreams come true!!
3rd October 2014 - Fish - Zoetermeer
(4th October - Fish - Uden)
18th October - Carpet Crawlers (TLLDOB) - Liverpool
7th November - Fish - Karlsruhe
8th Novemmber - Pendragon - London
28th November 2014 - The Watch - Reichenbach, Bergkeller
29th November 2014 - Clive Nolan’s Alchemy - Reichenbach (larger venue than the Bergkeller )
19th December - Fish - Liverpool
20th December - Mick Pointer and Friends (Script) - Zoetermeer
31th January 2015 - The Security Project - Liverpool, Brian Epstein Theatre, flights are booked 77,77 € Cheers!

… to be continued


Stevie Wonder this coming friday playing in my hometown for the Jazz Festival.


I have never liked his music! But if you like it, enjoy :wink: !!


Fish today Calw.


Just bought tickets for - Anathema - Manchester Academy 23/9/14 (as can’t make the more local Wolverhampton gig now due to holiday) .


how lucky you are! his music…a genius!



Next saturday, a local cover band playing on a small town festival.


Haven’t bought any tickets yet, but both Mostly Autumn and Pendragon play at the St Helens Citadel in October. - Pendragon’s gonna have it loud and rocking in there as it’s a tiny enclosed venue with balcony.

…Might have to indulge! :wink:


I’d say you might Paul . 2 very good live bands :grinning:


Just bought Tickets to see Y&T 40th Anniversary Tour at the Glasgow ABC 6th November :smiley: :smiley:


Just Bought Tickets for UFO @ Glasgow ABC April Next Year :smiley: :smiley:


Thinking about a Paul diAnno Gig. Saw hom five or six times within the last years.


just bought my ticket for Fish at le Ziquodrome Compiegne :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



I’ve just seen that John Wesley will be a special guest guitarist on the Bigelf European tour in November :slight_smile:
I’m going to the Slade rooms in Wolverhampton to see them.


bought my ticket for the Marillion Christmas tour in Lille on the 13th of decembre (the only french date this year) :smiley:
200 kilometers from home but the passion is intact so… :wink:



Decided to catch a couple of Fish gigs in Italy just working travel costs etc


On the train down to London to see Kate Bush with John, Ulli & Andy :smiley:


Just arrived in Manchester to see Anathema at the Academy this evening :smiley:


I think I have to think about Anathema in Berlin, 30th October :wink: !


enjoy your evening Andy…I saw them once and it was awesome!!! :wink: