Steven Wilson - New Album


the new album of Steven Wilson is called “Hand. Cannot. Erase” and it will be released in February 2015!

thought a full topic would be appropriate to talk about it and not only in the “new releases coming up” :wink:



Release dates, artwork and track listing :-


I don’t know why but I’m expecting a so much great album…and even a masterpiece:hope not to be wrong :smile:



In the studio - video number 3 :-


Now available for pre-order from Burning Shed.





Think he’s made a really informative and interesting interview from some pretty poor questions. Promoting an album must be so tedious. Interview after interview with the same questions over and over again.






Hand Cannot Erase is very Manic Street Preachers.


I for one won’t be buying this…tried his solo material and I just don’t get it.
Certainly not a genius IMO


don’t know if Steven Wilson is a genius or not but he has done so many albums in so many different styles of music in so many side-projects that I certainly can say that he’s a very very much talented musician and artist,tha’t’s for sure…
even if I don’t like everything he does (Bass Communion for instance) :wink:



Rik, you know that he is a musical genius. Get out of your Duran Duran dreamworld where Simon Le Bon is your king. :wink:


Didnt notice this topic until just now. I had posted in "New Releases." Quite like the track I heard last night. I wasnt waiting with baited breath before it came on but it was good enough for me to stop what I was doing and turn the radio up. Up to now I`ve not given his most recent solo stuff any real attention, although his last album “The Raven…” has some good tracks on it from what I have listened to.
Genius? I dont know, but certainly a very talented magpie.


I think it’s very difficult (and wrong) to attempt to judge Steven Wilsons new album on the 2 recently released tracks. I’ve listened to them but am now going to try to avoid them so that i cam immerse myself in the whole story when the album is released.

In all of his bands/side projects, he very rarely lets me down (apart from Bass Communion which i don’t connect with at all) so i’m expecting good things again on the new album.


Rik. Fly to Cardiff March 13th. I’ve a couple of spares for the Steven Wilson gig. I’ll supply the peanuts and alcohol, and stay for the 14th and you can watch Wales thump your Ireland in the 6 Nations as well to make your weekend a complete misery :slight_smile:




Lol mr peanuts…I’d love to hook up again with u and mike for a beer…u going to maril convention?
Regarding sw…king crimson do it better.


Not going to Port Zelande this time. Only John and Andy still there from our original 6 in 2011.