Steven Wilson - To The Bone


The knob ruins everything!! :roll_eyes:


Ed Sheeran was only 7th in physical album sales but as streaming is now taken into account he stays on top.


And because he rules the world no one else gets a look in . He f*ing annoys me , the talentless tt.


Calm down Andy. You might not like him, but he’s far from talentless.


Yes, time I called it a night on here .


Whoops. . . .:zipper_mouth_face:

A 1000 apologies :wink:

I love Ed really :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::hugs:


Ed is keech!


I give up. I really do.


Ok, he is nice inoffensive keech who has mysteriously taken over the world. I really am mystified by his popularity. Still, we cant all like the same things.


Who mentioned like?!


Fair enough.:slight_smile: We should start a new thread, " Artists Who Are Keech.":laughing:


Oh how you are. It’s not because we don’t like someone that he’s talentless. But you know that, you’re just winding Paul up :wink:


Moving on . . . . What do you think to this ?


It’s very good. Quite addictive too.
However so far my favourite bonus track is A Door Marked summer.


Shite. So talentless.


Oh will you stop you two?!


Oh, go on then. I was just starting to enjoy myself.


There’s a first for everything! :wink:


for the french around here (sorry for my other company friends)

Steven Wilson will be in the french musical TV show Taratata (si,si!!!) in October :grinning:

meanwhile,you can listen to Steven live in Nagui’s show on Radio France Inter today right here (around 19’ mn and at the end)



Cool! Thanks Anthony :grinning: