Steven Wilson - To The Bone


Was hoping my album would turn up this morning (i’ve had a ‘dispatched’ email) but nothing waiting for me when i got home.













:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:



So I really like some SW solo and PT, but not really an artist I rush out and buy straight away. - Is this new album better or as good as his last one?

Hand Cannot Erase I liked but that is his first solo stuff I actually have enjoyed.


I don’t think so…this new album is very pop style…I like it less than his previous one (a masterpiece ihmo and one of my favorite albums of all time)…I feel like I hear a Blackfield album with this new one;not bad but not as powerful as his last albums



His last one was very powerful, I agree.


I also enjoyed the last album more. However go and buy it as it will float your boat. You like a hook, you like melody, you like decent lyrics, the best production qualities around. 4 Chords That Made A Million with polish / or Trains sanded down? You decide. You might even like Permanating enough to get out your high heels, spandex and glittery shirt.:smile:


I will buy it eventually! Just curious how it stacked up to his last.

(P.s - No glittery spandex till I get it back off Rab)


What’s Steve thinking ? As good a judge as anyone :wink:


He hasn’t had it as long as you! :wink: :laughing:


I like it. I’m not feeling the urge to continuously play it in the same way i did with Hand Cannot Erase but following that album was always going to be tough. It’s certainly not the ‘pop’ nightmare it could have been (and was rumoured to be - i think SW over-egged the pop thing purely to court controversy). There are lighter moments on it but i see these songs as more Blackfield than ABBA.

It’s a thumbs up from me - though i am a bit biased when it comes to all things SW.



Steven Wilson interviewed on BBC Breakfast this morning.

Clip is on his Facebook page.


To The Bone charts at number 3.

Ed Sheeran keeps the top spot.