The Football Thread


6mn is long!


There were so many other occasions for us to score.
Well done :soccer::+1:


Congratulatiosn to France. Now I hope there will be a final France vs. England!





thank you Llioris !!!



He’s been so good. I don’t know why he gets so criticised.


Congrats to France, let’s hope England join you in the final :grin:


Belgium just didn’t show up today. I’m disappointed. As a neutral.


In the knock-outs it doesn’t matter how you played in the last game or the one before that … it’s what happens on the day.


They had 64% possession across the match. French defensive capabilities are strong.:smiley:


Well if that was the final it was pretty poor! Only one team turned up!




Gareth Southgate has come a long way since advertising pizza. Genuinely impressed with his demeanour and how he presents himself without getting caught up in all the media bollocks about how wonderful England are ( On TV after the game just now )
I am genuinely not bothered about the outcome ( given Scotland aren’t good enough to even reach tournament finals) tomorrow or Sunday. If England do beat Croatia tomorrow and go on to win on Sunday at least we wont have to hear about 1966 for the rest of our lives.:smile:
One game at a time. Enjoy yourselves tomorrow night.


France: 3rd final on the last 6 World Cups !!!





That’s almost a compliment Lawrie. Don’t think the media are saying England are a wonderful team, but they are saying that England are doing wonderfully well up to now, given no one predicted they make it past the quarterfinals. Almost 30 years since we were in this position. Can understand people getting excited.

As someone who is only mildly interested in International football, I’ve enjoyed seeing them progress, but doubt I’ll feel devasted if this is as far as we get. :slightly_smiling_face:


BBC and ITV must provide a special commentary at matches and special reporters for broadcast in Scotland.:laughing:


I’m surprised it’s even on in Scotland! :laughing:


Congratulations to France last night, A very professional defensive display.
I have been really impressed with Pogba this tournament for France, but what a fantastic future Mbappe has if he carries on progressing at the rate he is.
I can see Real Madrid coming in for him as a replacement for Ronaldo next season.


Yeah, Mbappe or Hazzard.